4RM+ULA Mural Video

Location: St. Paul, MN
Completion Date: 2008
Budget: $10,000

The 4RM+ULA Office renovation project was conceived as an adaptive reuse/renovation of a non-descript, 20th century office space in a historic building–into a dynamic 21st century command center for a growing, diverse, ‘creative class’ company. We required a functional yet dynamic work environment to both support the creative process and convey a strong brand identity. The design integrates the concept of an open, rapidly reconfigurable floor plan and eco-friendly materials and finishes including non-VOC off-gassing paint, modular carpet tiles, and energy-efficient lighting.

We strongly believe that the 21st century design firm will be smaller, more agile, technologically innovative, and information will flow through a hybrid network/circuit model rather than the high-overhead, top-down hierarchy that is typical of their 20th century predecessors. In support of this new paradigm, we equipped the office with modular furniture, workstations on casters, a powerful wireless computing network, and notebook (rather than desktop) computers so that staff can easily/quickly/frequently modify their workstations and physical proximity to one another in order to execute work assignments with maximum efficiency and collaborative plasticity.

4RM+ULA self-performed the majority of the design, construction, and finish work during the spring of 2008 and commissioned visual artists; Roger Cummings and Ta-Coumba Aiken, to execute the large scale mural (20’W x 10’H) along the east wall of the office.

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