Bearden Place Design Competition

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Completion Date: 2010
Budget: $827,055

A simple box 46 feet (wide) x 30 feet (long) x 20 feet (tall) is expanded and contracted into 2 unit types.  A “Canvas” is inserted over the volume to keep the units together and separate.  The 2 unit cluster is then assembled on the site to create an interesting collage of built form and landscape.

After the formal composition is resolved, the skin is developed to infuse artistic interest.  The facade is composed of fiber cement siding and recycled/reclaimed wood siding (at the “Canvas”).  The architectural team will work closely with the public art team to infuse color and visual interest at the fiber cement siding areas.  We will also work closely with the artist to provide and identify large areas of the “Canvas” for art applications.

The landscape design re-introduces the urban stoop at the front entry.  The back yard becomes a reflective environment with the development of a rain garden and interesting deck areas.

A number of sustainable solutions will be incorporated into the design.  The first and foremost, the design team is proposing the use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) at the exterior walls and the roof.  SIPs provide a superior insulated envelope, time efficient construction and reduce construction waste.  In addition to SIPs the design provides sustainable solutions at the site including permeable pavers, native plants, limited impervious surfaces, and a rain garden/wetland.  Lastly, the design team is proposing the use of a number of locally sourced materials.


Design Competition, Housing