Gen-Y Eco House

Location: St. Paul, MN
Completion Date: summer 2013
Budget: $20,000

This project began as a Master’s level design studio at the University of Minnesota School Of Architecture. Students were divided into two collaborative design teams and paired with two distinct clients;
a.) Gen-Y Eco House (Minnesota State Fair, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency)
b.) Frogtown Farm (Seitu Jones, Frogtown Gardens).
Each team worked closely with their assigned client.

Module 1 investigated the lifestyle preferences of their ‘Generation Y’ cohort in order to design a modular, Eco Home that would support those emerging trends while Module 2 researched the demographic and physical characteristics of the Frog¬town community in order to design a sustainable, modular, park structure that supports the values and goals of Frogtown Farm.

During the summer of 2013, elements of the Gen-Y Eco Home were temporarily constructed by students and instructors and featured at the Eco Experience Exhibit at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, which won the 2013 “People’s Choice Award” as more than 100,000 people passed through it. After the fair, the materials were dis-assembled and stored until spring 2014 when they will be re-arranged and re-assembled as a permanent park structure at the Frogtown Farm site.

Education, Energy, Housing