Juxtaposition Arts – New Art Center

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Completion Date: 2018
Budget: $3-3.5 Million

The vision for the new art center embodies the mission of the Juxtaposition Arts organization–“to empower youth and community to use the arts to actualize their full potential.”

The new art center will provide a first-class facility that provides expanded economic opportunities (e.g. employment, job training, entrepreneurialism, life skills, etc.) and unique cultural education courses for the community wherein it resides.

The facility, itself, will be a 21st century, 70,000 sq.ft., sustainable model for neighborhood-scaled economic development.  It will be a safe space that amplifies the voices of under-served youth—an urban beacon, exuding a corona of energy and light into the Northside community—and beyond.

We will deploy the principles of environmental sustainability; maximize the physical aspects of the buildings location, employ the inherent properties of light, color, and materiality to create a dynamic atmosphere for the art center.  Ultimately, our goal is to produce a 21st century facility—both inspirational to neighbors and supportive of artistic excellence.

4RM+ULA believes that innovative, thoughtful, design can enhance the experience of art creation, support the principles of cooperative economics, and increase the sense of community on the Northside.

Education, Energy