Magic Shed+Diamond Cloud at Freedom Square (construction time lapse video)

The broad goals of the West Broadway District Arts Initiative are to:
• Build sense of community
• Promote gathering and decriminalize public space
• Inspire pride and belonging

Specifically, the plaza project aims to use design and art to create a gathering space that:
• Activates a currently vacant lot
• Encourages informal gathering for all ages (waiting for the bus, eating lunch)
• Invites North Minneapolis’ diverse residents to reclaim public space in their community
• Contributes to West Broadway’s aesthetics in a way that speaks to the cultures of the existing community
• Accommodates year round programming, including:
o Flea, craft, and/or farmers markets
o concerts, performances, drum circles
o community meals
o group fitness classes
o artist-led community engagement

4RM+ULA partnered with TEN x TEN studio (landscape architect) and Juxtaposition Arts (community organization) to create the Magic Shed + Diamond Cloud at Freedom Square. 4RM+ULA designed the Magic Shed, an 8 ft. wide, 8 ft. high, 16 ft. long, pavilion shelter that deploys pulleys and winches to transform itself into an active community space with transaction counters and a performance stage by day–becoming a glowing beacon of color-changing light at night. TEN x TEN created Diamond Cloud to provide a dynamic, light-reflective, shading element for the plaza that would help animate the space at night. Together, the Magic Shed + Diamond Cloud transforms a vacant lot on West Broadway Avenue into an active and passive plaza for neighborhood residents to enjoy all year round.

Both 4RM+ULA and TEN x TEN donated 100% of the design fee for this project as a service to the Northside community.