Millenial Bus Stop

Location: Saint Paul, MN
Completion Date: 2015
Budget: $55,000

In partnership with the University of Minnesota College of Design and School of Architecture, Metro Transit initiated a spring design studio and summer design+build project led by School of Architecture adjunct instructor, James Garrett Jr, AIA (4RM+ULA) to explore design solutions for a shelter with a small footprint that may be better suited to these constrained sites. Metro Transit was also interested in exploring design solutions that integrate solar power generation. Bringing sustainable energy sources to shelters in a cost-efficient manner can advance Metro Transit’s ability to provide light, lit advertising panels, real-time information, and even heat at these shelters.

The chosen design, by architecture graduate student Amy Van Gessel, was modular in nature. Mechanical Engineering graduates Alex Beane and Andrew Frey also provided their expertise and help towards building the shelter.

One concept being explored was LED lights as a way to indicate to users the arrival of the next bus. Red means 5 mins away, yellow means less than a minute, and green means the bus is at the stop. This demonstration was achieved with the help of Gopher Stage Lighting and Rosco Litepads.

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