Rondo Plaza

In 2013, the last 2-story member of the original Rondo neighborhood family of buildings succumbed to the wrecking ball after 97 years of community service. It was preceded in destruction by more than 80 siblings throughout Rondo. As keeper of Rondo’s legacies, local non-profit, Rondo Avenue Inc. (RAI) organized a gathering to celebrate the history of 822 Rondo. A large turnout convinced RAI to develop a plan that would re-purpose the vacant lot as a commemorative plaza to preserve the memory of Rondo and to provide an attractive and meaningful small park. The site is located at Fisk and Concordia, the epicenter of the Rondo Corridor.

To capture the memory of the Rondo neighborhood and to provide the community with a quiet place to escape the fluster of dust, freeway noise and traffic, RAI proposes to design and construct the Rondo Commemorative Plaza (RCP). The plaza is envisioned as a space for contemplation, education, and inspiration. Through a mixture of landscaping and on-site interpretive spaces, plaza visitors will explore some of the major events in the history of the Rondo neighborhood, particularly it’s settlement and growth; the pre-1960s economic, political, and social development; the destruction of the neighborhood during the construction of the I-94 corridor; and the continued growth and successes of the community.